B2B Data Quality

Business-to-Business based marketers face many challenges that are in and of themselves very different than those businesses whose marketing focus is more direct to individual consumers. These challenges are quickly recognized by the fact that business name and other contact information contains many more components than what business-to-consumer based marketers are charged with managing. Business based contact information represents not only the individual person at a particular address or location but will also include firm name, professional title, departments, divisions, prestige address, intra company routing, and potentially other auxiliary data items. More...

B2B Based Processing

Data Standardization
CASS, ZIP+4, Delivery Point Validation
B2B Match/Merge/Post
B2B Corporate Family Cluster
Database Design
Database Integration

B2B Match/Merge/Post/Link

Streamlining duplicate records from multiple list and data sources is the method to reduce marketing costs and maximize returns. Eliminating duplicates and dropping unlikely/undesirable prospects reduces production and postage costs, and potential losses. Merge/Purge services from Satio Solutions are designed to be thorough, accurate and flexible. More...

Single Customer View

With the advances in technology in recent years, businesses today face an ever increasing set of data management issues related to items of information collected for customers and potential customers including where they live, where they work, the products or services they have purchased historically, and the products or services they may choose to purchase today. More...

B2B Corporate Family Clusters

Satio Solutions Corporate Family Linkage and Chaining services incorporate a set of processes which begin with proper data element identification, classification, and standardization in order to set the stage for matching algorithms which enable links to be established between multiple contacts at a given corporate site location, branch offices to corporate parent, and other aspects of defining a corporate family. More...

Response Analysis

Response Analysis connects customer purchase and other transactions with the marketing efforts that have been previously undertaken to acquire them. Businesses today face an increasing number of challenges in evaluating effectiveness of various marketing strategies based upon the multi-channel touch points that exist for customer and potential customer contact. A direct mail, e-mail, or other outbound marketing promotion may produce a variety of methods of response More...

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