Data is an Asset

Corporate data should be viewed as a key strategic asset. Inquiries from potential customers, transactions with existing customers, customer service communications, and new product/service marketing opportunities are all best served by a pro-active approach to data quality throughout the enterprise. Simply capturing and storing data is insufficient. Like other corporate assets, data and information quality needs to be effectively managed. There are immediate cost reduction and revenue benefits from doing so which will create positive return and increase shareholder value. More...

B2C Based Processing

Data Standardization
CASS, ZIP+4, Delivery Point Validation
B2C Match/Merge/Post
Database Design
Database Integration

B2C Match/Merge/Post/Link

Streamlining duplicate records from multiple list and data sources is the method to reduce marketing costs and maximize returns. Eliminating duplicates and dropping unlikely/undesirable prospects reduces production and postage costs, and potential losses. Merge/Purge services from Satio Solutions are designed to be thorough, accurate and flexible More...

One to One Marketing

Even with the advances we have seen in recent years which offer businesses many more resources for acquiring and managing customer data faster and in greater volumes than ever before, it remains vitally important for businesses to properly analyze and make use of that information in order to develop a greater understanding of their existing customers. More...


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a relatively new term for what many with historical experience in the direct marketing industry have referred to for many years as database marketing, or "data based" marketing. Using what you know about the historical purchases, behavior, lifestyle changes, and other transactional items related to an existing customer or customer segment to drive business intelligence. More...

Response Analysis

Response Analysis connects customer purchase and other transactions with the marketing efforts that have been previously undertaken to acquire them. Businesses today face an increasing number of challenges in evaluating effectiveness of various marketing strategies based upon the multi-channel touch points that exist for customer and potential customer contact. A direct mail, e-mail, or other outbound marketing promotion may produce a variety of methods of response. More...

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