Successful marketing and customer relationship management systems depend upon the quality and accuracy of the information that comprises the database resources which are drawn against for customer, donor, and prospect promotions and communications. Proper name and address standardization, verification, correction, enhancement, and integration mechanisms can dramatically defray postage and promotional material expenses.

The software and supporting database resources of Satio Solutions have been built upon years of database management experience and include techniques designed to address the varying issues that are inevitably discovered when aggregating data from multiple sources.

Services available include:

Data Processing Data Enhancement Data Analysis
Data Standardization Validation/Verification Response Analysis
CASS, ZIP+4 Individual Name Customer Profile Analysis
Delivery Point Validation Household Members Donor Profile Analysis
NCOA Address Product Affinity Studies
PCOA Telephone Customer Segmentation
AEC   Donor Segmentation
LACS Consumer Demographics Market Penetration Analysis
Merge/Purge : B2B & B2C Age Lifetime Value Studies
B2B Corporate Family Linkage Gender And More...
Database Design Income  
Database Integration Marital Status  
Promotion Segmentation Occupation  
And More... Age of Children  
  And More...  
  Business Demographics  
  SIC Assignment  
  Company Size  
  Number of Employees  
  Sales Volumes  
  And More...  

The experience base of our database marketing and management professionals is ready to be applied to your situation in order to create and deliver an effective Database Management Solution. Successful solutions are achieved by blending data, analysis, technology, software, and services in order to minimize costs and maximize results of your data management and customer communication programs.

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