dQ-Biz from Satio Solutions provides data quality functions for business and consumer address data that include correction, standardization, coding, and enhancement resulting in the highest standards of quality assurance.

By implementing dQ-Biz throughout the enterprise, businesses can obtain substantial economic benefits through integration of data to effect the highest level of marketing and other personalized communications.

dQ-Biz provides a method for you to add business name verification, standardization, and intelligent data enhancement to your database applications, client/server installations, and internet based data retrieval systems. The extensive capabilities of the dQ-Biz software component provide functions that include

  • Identification of improperly fielded organizations and address components,
  • Identification of potential misspelling coupled with spelling correction,
  • Abbreviation interpretation, expansion, and enhancement
  • Proper Formatting of all business name elements
  • Upper/Lowercase conversion

The highly scalable Satio Solutions data quality offerings can handle transactional volumes typical of today's leading e-businesses by providing COM, ActiveX, and .NET interfaces which work effectively with C++, Visual Basic, ASP, Java, Visual Foxpro, Oracle, Delphi, SQL and other application environments. Clients can easily integrate Satio Solutions data quality solutions into virtually any desktop, client/server, or Internet based application.

The object code design of dQ-Biz provides for the highest levels of portability allowing for use and integration of this data quality resource throughout any enterprise.

Employing dQ-Biz in a Client/Server environment, multiple users can simultaneously verify business names interactively on a single Satio Solutions dQ-Biz equipped server.

dQ-Biz can be integrated into a variety of data warehouse applications including customer and prospect inquiry systems, order entry, accounting, and/or telesales for example, so you can validate and/or correct vital information as data enters the enterprise in order to provide the highest level of data quality assurance.

A demonstration application is also included (dQBizT.EXE) which enables verification of the component installation environment and to provide a visual aid to the many features and functions that are available from this dynamic data quality resource prior to its full implementation within the enterprise.

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