dQ-Who Web Service from Satio Solutions provides data quality functions for business and consumer address data that include correction, standardization, coding, and enhancement resulting in the highest standards of quality assurance. The dQ-Who component is the most efficient, feature rich and accurate data quality Individual Name tool available.

By implementing dQ-Who Web Services within the front lines of data capture situations, businesses can obtain substantial economic benefits through integration of data within the enterprise to effect the highest level of marketing and other personalized communications.

Individual Name dQ-Patterning™. dQ-Who incorporates a proprietary dQ-Patterning™ technology developed through the ongoing course of processing billions of individual name, firm, and associated addresses in order to ensure the most advanced, accurate, and flexible application of data quality assurance to any individual name information processing.

Context Sensitive. To ensure accuracy, the proprietary name patterning and parsing engine incorporated into dQ-Who and dQ-Who Plus deals with every element of an individual name in the context of what the data item represents. Proper identification and segmentation for the data elements which comprise an individual name include items such as honorific prefixes, first names, middle names, last names, suffixes, and professional titles.

Parsing. Separating the multiple components of an individual name is but the first stage process of the Satio Solutions dQ-Who Software Tool.

Patterning™. The proprietary Patterning™ functions of the dQ-Who component provide the most advanced, accurate, and flexible application of data quality assurance for any individual name information.

More than Patterning and Parsing. The extensive capabilities of the dQ-Who and dQ-Who Plus software components provide additional functions which include

  • Identification of improperly fielded organizations and address components,
  • Identification of potential misspelling coupled with spelling correction,
  • Formatting of all name elements,
  • Nickname Cross Reference,
  • Upper/Lowercase conversion,
  • And More...

Complex Names Handled Efficiently. The Satio Solutions Patterning™ technology provides solutions for “special” data conditions found in varying approaches to recording Individual Names. Unique data condition algorithms are built upon this Patterning™ technology. To illustrate, the dQ-Who component processes hyphenated names, compound names, “In care of” and other data conditions found in and with individual name data. dQ-Who components will optionally create additional individual name fields when two or more separate individual names are identified.

Largest and Continually updated Individual Name Data. Satio Solutions dQ-Who support data includes more than 200,000 personal name elements. New data results from the processing of billions of records annually by Satio Solutions Data Quality Engineers. The continually enhanced name element data base is provided to every dQ-Who licensed installation.

Data Integration Quality and Efficiency. The results of using the Satio Solutions data quality components provides significant efficiency, accuracy, speed and high quality of the integration and consolidation of data in for data warehouse, data mart, customer relationship management and other applications of data associated with names and addresses.

Significant Additional Benefits. In addition to the cost efficiencies outlined above, the benefits of using the Satio Solutions dQ Who Tool include

  • Highest levels of mail deliverability to customers and prospects resulting in higher levels of response
  • Efficiency of processing within mail and marketing activities
  • Fastest delivery of mail
  • Reduced waste
  • Lowest postage cost by supporting customer and prospect data integration.

Deployment. DQ-Who Web Services can be integrated into a variety of customer service and data capture applications including customer and prospect inquiry systems, order entry, accounting, and/or telesales for example, so you can validate and/or correct vital information as data enters the enterprise in order to provide the highest level of data quality assurance.

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