Validate, Correct, Update, Enhance.

dQ Web Services from Satio Solutions is an integrated set of web services that helps businesses to validate, correct, update, and enhance customer and potential customer information in order to improve upon data integration and customer relationship database management systems. These services have been designed and packaged to be used individually or layered in order to maximize the value and simplify the implementation of data quality practices in a variety of environments. These services are ideal for those customers who wish to implement real time validation mechanisms within their web, call center, or other data capture or cleansing situations without the need for local installation and ongoing supporting system and database maintenance overhead.

By implementing data Quality Web Services, businesses can improve marketing results through better data quality of customer contact information from the first point it enters the enterprise. Satio Solutionsí hosted web service is a programmable XML based architecture that allows you to instantly verify, correct and enhance both customer and potential customer data as it is captured from your Web site or other customer service application.

Features include:

  • Real-Time Validation and Correction
  • Upper/Lowercase Conversion
  • Identification of Improperly Fielded Elements
  • Identification of Misspellings coupled with Correction
  • Abbreviation Interpretation, Expansion, and Enhancement
  • Proper Formatting of all Business and Individual Name elements
  • Nickname Cross Reference,
  • Gender Identification
  • Salutation Generation
  • Address Element Parsing
  • Zip Code, City, State, and Street name Validation and Correction
  • Zip+4, Carrier Route, and LOT Assignment
  • Delivery Point Validation
  • And More...

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The experience of our database management professionals and data quality resources are ready to be applied to your customer data management situation in order to deliver cost effective solutions. By implementing solid, pro-active data quality practices throughout the enterprise, businesses can avoid data corruption, inconsistency, duplication, and other issues from impacting your bottom-line and impeding continued business growth.

dQ Web Services from Satio Solutions represent a very cost effective data quality services solution for a variety of data capture and customer service applications. We are committed to providing a variety of solutions that are tailor made to the needs of each customer situation. It is this commitment that we believe setís a higher standard for quality assurance and creates the greatest opportunity to achieve long standing satisfied customer relationships.

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