Using Satio Solutions' dQ-Who Web Service

Base URL

Sample Service Request

Request parameters

See information on constructing REST queries.

Parameter Value Description
userid string (required) Your Unique User ID.
service dqwho (required) The web service you wish to access.
LineInstringInput name to process.
uplow string (Y/N) Upper/lower case output fields.
addpunc string (Y/N)Add punctuation to output fields.
revname string (Y/N)Input name is reversed.
revchar stringCharacter used to denote last name.
assignprefix string (Y/N)Assign prefix based on gender.
maleprefix string Assign this for male gender.
femaleprefix stringAssign this for female gender.
splitmultiple string (Y/N)Attempt to split into two name lines.
fixspelling string (Y/N)Correct common misspellings.
splittitles string (Y/N)Split business titles from end of name.
titlechar stringCharacter used to denote title.
salopen stringWord(s) to open salutation line(s).
salclose stringWord(s) to close salutation line(s).
salkey stringParsed field to test for in salutation builder. (PR,FN,LN)
salmask1stringIf 'salkey' field present, use this mask. Ex. PR,LN
salmask2stringIf 'salkey' field isn't present, use this mask. Ex. FN,LN

Response fields

Field Description
dQWhoResults XML block that contains all output fields as well as all input parameters.
FullLine Processed name line.
NameLine1 Primary name line.
NameLine2 Secondary name line if split.
Salut1 Salutation for NameLine1.
Salut2 Salutation for NameLine2
JobTitle Business title.
StdTitle Standardized version of business title.
Prefix1 Parsed prefix for NameLine1.
First1 Parsed first name for NameLine1.
Middle1 Parsed middle name for NameLine1.
Last1 Parsed last name for NameLine1.
Extra1 Any unidentifiable words in NameLine1.
Gender1 Gender of NameLine1
Prefix2 Parsed prefix for NameLine2.
First2 Parsed first name for NameLine2.
Middle2 Parsed middle name for NameLine2.
Last2 Parsed last name for NameLine2.
Extra2 Any unidentifiable words in NameLine2.
Gender2 Gender of NameLine2
Valid Field appears to be an individual name. (Y/N)
AddressFlag Field appears to contain address data. (Y/N)
FirmFlag Field appears to contain firm information (Y/N)
FixedSpellingFlagSpelling was corrected. (Y/N)
ObsceneFlag Field contains obscene word(s). (Y/N)

XML Response

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