Financial Services

Current and accurate data is, of course, essential for any Banking or Financial Services provider. Account details must be carefully monitored and validated in order to facilitate various transactional activities.

Effective quality checks and balances on the accuracy, recency and validity of financial account and transaction details creates the need to employ information quality practices which serve a financial services organization well in all aspects of their enterprise.

Recent regulatory changes present opportunities for individual financial services organizations to extend services across previously restricted lines of business. These new multi-service customer service freedoms include Demand Account Banking, Lending, Insurance, Stock Brokerage, Trust Services and other business opportunities.

With these new opportunities come new requirements for data integration and data quality practices to provide a customer experience that will sustain and enhance the customer relationship for maximum enterprise profitability.

Satio Solutions Software and Services provide a competitive advantage by

  • enabling a comprehensive customer view across multiple lines of business and multiple points of customer communication channels.
  • integrating data flowing from multiple internal and external sources that include Internet interactions, e-mail, call centers, postal communication, and face-to-face customer service activities.
  • providing data quality and data accuracy processes at time of customer/prospect contact that eliminate data error and anomaly from occurring at the earliest possible time.
  • supporting the single customer relationship view that enhances cross-sell, up-sell potential while providing the best possible customer experience.
  • producing greatest value from CRM and ERP investments by insuring consistency of data item presentation across all systems and applications.
  • insuring data quality consistency from data arriving from third parties at the first stage of data arrival and integration.
  • reducing fraud risk resulting from data edit, data standardization, data validation through all data processes.
  • facilitating identification of customer behavior trends and life events that include new births, marriage, divorce, retirement, leaving home, aging.

Satio Solutions Software and Services provides proven resources that:

  • de-duplicate and link customer records, even those with complex name combinations.
  • Identify and report data anomalies and allow users to tune business rules for optimal resolution using Satio Solutions tools and Satio Solutions Data Quality Engineers.
  • Provide consistent results across diverse systems and platforms.

Having current, accurate, quality assured information details on all aspects of customers, vendors, prospects and transaction details is good "best practices" in the management of a financial services enterprise. Satio Solutions software, objects, and data quality services provide the resources to support the highest standards of data integrity and accuracy.

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