Data Quality: Strategies and Solutions

In today’s fast paced e-commerce world, companies face new challenges with identifying new customers and managing their existing customer relationships. Satio Solutions sets a new standard through a suite of Data Quality solutions and systems in support of the ever increasing demand for accurate information within the data based systems of today and tomorrow.

Data accuracy remains one of the biggest obstacles in maximizing the success of database and data warehousing systems.. Discrepancies within the various files, tables, and fields of information leads to higher costs and lost income opportunities.

The value of any Customer Relationship Marketing system is the quality of the customer information contained within it. The data that supports these and other data warehousing scenarios stems from many different data sources. The aggregation of data from these multiple sources for the purpose of integration to support a common data based solution is best served by incorporating data quality solutions within key steps of the overall system.

Data comes from many places, from handwritten warranty registrations to an e-commerce transaction on the world wide web, each represents a valuable customer or potential customer data source. Data sources might include:

  • Survey Questionnaire
  • Product Inquiry
  • Customer Transaction Data
  • Retail Merchant Credit Files
  • Registration Files

Technology of today must often be integrated with legacy systems creating additional needs for data editing, validation, and standardization of customer information in order to effectively support customer relationship management and other database systems. waste Files containing contacts and business address information are much more complex and might include much more information than consumer information files. Data quality and data editing solutions should be designed to look at the additional fields of associated business information in order to identify, parse, and process with accuracy.

And in today’s global marketing environment, additional sophistication must be employed to support the unique nature of international names and addresses.

Various data editing, validation and standardization steps are necessary to determine the accuracy and discipline of the provided information. Adding discipline to a data source ultimately defines the success of subsequent processes.

Effective data quality solutions are themselves, "data-based". They combine the data and experience of historical imperfections in data in order to minimize future imperfections. In today’s global marketing environment, additional data quality efforts must also be employed to support the unique nature of international names and addresses. System design of data quality mechanisms should include the sophistication to perform varying tasks using varying table definitions for those tasks based on data source.

This "data-based" architecture is the foundation of all Satio Solutions software, components, systems, and services.

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