Using Satio Solutions' dQ-Biz Web Service

Base URL

Sample Service Request

Request parameters

See information on constructing REST queries.

Parameter Value Description
userid string (required) Your Unique User ID.
service dqbiz (required) The web service you wish to access.
LineIn string Input Firm line to process.
uplow string (y/n) Upper/Lower case the result.
forceupper string (y/n) Return the result uppercase.
addpunc string (y/n) Insert punctuation in the result.
stdwords string (y/n) Standardize common words.
maxoutputlength integer (default: 50) Maximum output length to return.
abbrevwords string (y/n) If needed, abbreviate words to meet the maxoutputlength parameter.
splitline string (y/n) If needed, split into two output lines.

Response fields

Field Description
dQBizResults XML block that contains all output fields as well as all input parameters.
oFirmLine1 Output firm line.
oFirmLine2 If split, second part of firm line.
AddressFlag Address word(s) detected (Y/N).
NameFlag Individual name word(s) detected (Y/N).
ObsceneFlag Obscene word(s) detected (Y/N).
TruncFlag Firm line was truncated (Y/N).

XML Response

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